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TRAVEL: 1K Paris Hotel

*I was recently hosted at 1K Paris Hotel in exchange for media coverage. All opinions are my own.

1k hotel Paris review, the beauty beau

After spending a week in Provence with L’Occitane (more on that later), I got the opportunity to spend another week in Paris. A few of these days were spent at the beautiful 1K Paris Hotel, a Peruvian inspired property. Knowing me and my love for color, you can imagine I was in heaven throughout my stay with the bold exterior and interiors. The food was colorful and quite delicious too, might I add!

1k Paris hotel review, candace hampton

Since we’re on the topic of food already, I’ll start with the Inka Restaurant, a very yummy Peruvian restaurant on the 1k Paris property. Y’all know about my love for all Hispanic foods and this was my very first time experiencing Peruvian cuisine. I was very impressed! Below you will see what foods are to be expected for their brunch!

inka restaurant paris, dallas food blogger
inka restaurant Paris review, the beauty beau
inka restaurant review Paris France
Peruvian restaurant Paris france
Peruvian restaurant Paris
where to find Peruvian food in Paris
where to eat Peruvian food in Paris

Many options, right? So convenient not have to get up super early to go out and about to find brunch or breakfast. There is lots of “yum” to be had right at 1K Paris! In case you were wondering, Inka serves lunch and dinner as well! 😎



1K Paris l deluxe room review

For our actual accommodations, we were hosted in the L Deluxe Room. There are 2 twin beds put together to make a queen sized bed. As far as views, the room has a view of the inner courtyard. There is also free WiFi and a 48′ LED smart TV! The room as a whole is so well-lit and airy too, a photographer and blogger’s dream!

handy smart phone 1k Paris hotel

Yes, that is a smart phone you see and it isn’t mine or Keshaun’s. Our accommodations came with this and it can be used to surf the web, make and receive calls and more. It’s super convenient to have, especially being an American in a foreign country with limited means of communications, one unique perk of staying at 1k Paris!

1k Paris review

Another perk about this beautiful space is that there’s lots of closet space, a mini fridge and a safe. I also appreciated that the closet was to the far back wall. This gives you more space in the actual room, more than I can say about the previous property where we stayed!



1k Paris hotel l deluxe bathroom

As a beauty queen, I also appreciated the double sinks. I have always loved having my own space, without having to share it with anyone. There was also plenty of shelf space for my toiletries and Keshaun’s, as well as separate mirrors!

1k Paris hotel l deluxe bathroom review

There are also 2 showers in this bathroom, 1 in the tub and the other as a standalone.

1k Paris hotel walk in shower
1k Paris hotel bathroom review
1k Paris hotel travel review
stay at 1k Paris hotel
1k Paris hotel staircase

I couldn’t resist capturing the lovely staircase, a picturesque alternative of taking the elevator from floor to floor!



1k Paris hotel lobby
1k Paris hotel lobby review
1k Paris hotel inka restaurant

Overall, I had quite the pleasant experience at 1K Paris Hotel, as expected, making the premature judgment of how vibrant everything was and how welcomed I felt at first arrival. The service was amazing! Each request I had, I was given immediate attention. Be sure to book your stay at 1K Paris for your next trip, or staycation here!

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7 responses to “TRAVEL: 1K Paris Hotel”

  1. Nailil says:

    This hotel looks so chic. I absolutely love all the bold colors.

    Xx, Nailil

  2. Kileen says:

    Wow, I am loving the modern interior!! The designs are beautiful. Will definitely need to write this down for future reference!


  3. Megan says:

    I love how warm, colorful and cozy everything is! I’d love to visit and stay here.

  4. Deborah says:

    Wow, looks like a really fun place to stay!

  5. Tara Fuller says:

    the blue is so radiant! all of these photos give me life!

  6. Bernice says:

    I’m loving all the luxurious room fittings for this perfect hotel!

  7. Sarah Lennon says:

    What an amazing hotel! I especially love the bathrooms..that tub specifically!!

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