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Top 10 MAC Lipsticks

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I was supposed to do this months ago lol. So without further ado, here are my top 10 lipsticks that are used most often!
All lipsticks shown were purchased by me. I am employed at MAC. That does not influence my opinion. I'm going to keep it real regardless.

My lips look weird; maybe it's just me though lol. I also put all of these lipsticks on with my fingers. The color is all y'all need to see anyway, not perfection :)

*My lips :)

Electro l/s

Impassioned l/s

Lady Danger l/s (it looks gross and uneven...sorry!)

Modesty l/s

Peachstock l/s (this looks a hot mess alone...please use a lip pencil if you're black like me!)

Pink Nouveau l/s

Ravishing l/s

 So Chaud l/s

Up the Amp l/s

Vegas Volt l/s

My next post will be my Boston Celtics tutorial. I will also be doing top 10 lip pencils, lip glosses, eye shadows, and other stuff later :) What are your top 10 MAC/other lipsticks? Let me know in the comments and I may check them out :)

11 Responses to “Top 10 MAC Lipsticks”

  1. Amazing 10 MAC lipsticks! Mine are:

    1. Plink!
    2. Marquise'D
    3. Bubblegum
    4. Patisserie
    5. Fresh Salmon
    6. Cute-Ster
    7. High Tea
    8. Violetta
    9. Candy Yum Yum
    10. Playtime

  2. I like Morange, Girl About Town, and Ruby Woo(i hope i have these names right!)

  3. You have a few of my tops on here but I'm also a big fan of MAC's Honeylove and Cyber. Xo

  4. Great post! Love the colours. Up the amp and Ravishing are my favourite.

  5. Great top 10! I'll have to check out some of yours.

    Mine are:
    1. Honeyflower
    2. Fresh Brew
    3. Ruby Woo
    4. Coconutty
    5. Charismatic
    6. Jubilee
    7. Touch
    8. Vegas Volt
    9. High Tea
    10. Velvet Teddy

  6. I don't have a lot of lipsticks lol but I do love violetta. I was extremely happy to get my hands in that when it came out with the disney collection

  7. you have beautiful lips!! wow..great swatches! I need to think of my top 10..I gotta do a post like this..we have a lot of the same colors and favs..funny cuz we have different skin

  8. Love this post. I'm also employed by MAC so some of my favs may be discontinued items. You know how we (MAC)
    1) Fresh Brew
    2) Violetta
    3) Up the Amp
    4) Pink Nouveau
    5) Cut a Caper
    6) Rebel
    7) Candy Yum Yum
    8) Snob
    9) Ruby Woo
    10) Vegas Volt

    There are many many more but you only asked for

  9. i wish i owned 10! lol. my favs that i have are Up the Amp, Spitfire, & Taupe.

  10. i love a lot of the ones you posted, I need vegas volt!

  11. Great favorites everyone! I'll swatch a few next time I go to MAC lol.



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