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*This post was sponsored by Organic Doctor®. All opinions are my own.
benefits of rose in skincare, the beauty beau

Rose is a natural source I’ve been using a lot lately, mainly drinking (hello H2rOse!) and more recently, using it externally on my skin. It’s something that I could have only thought of in the past of being used for romance purposes, in the form of a bouquet or vase from my loved one. Imagine my surprise when I received this shipment full of skincare products, just begging me to test them out. Allow me to introduce you to the brand, Organic Doctor®, also known as Dr. Organic in the U.K.!

This brand was just introduced to the States, being in over 3,000 CVS stores worldwide. Accessibility is everything to me and knowing I don’t have to order online is an absolute plus to me! Not only this, but Organic Doctor® literally scours the planet to search for the finest, natural ingredients to obtain the best health benefits from nature, with each ingredient representing a different line in their collection. My favorite ingredient that I’ll be sharing with you today is rose otto, an aromatic essential oil extracted from the petals of the roses themselves. This essential oil gives the line such an aromatic and long-lasting scent!
dr. organic rose otto oil skincareY’all already know how obsessed I am with my scents, so naturally my nose went straight for the bottle upon spotting all of these and let me tell you, they did not disappoint! The main ingredient, rose otto oil, in particular is especially aromatic and floral because it comes from roses cultivated for centuries in Bulgaria. What makes rose otto oil stand out even more is the fact that the ingredient is both healthy-aging and super hydrating!

So first of all, I have never heard of such luxurious, natural benefits found in products that are so affordable. Let’s all put some rose on our faces!

organic doctor organic rose otto face mask

Organic Doctor® Rose Otto Face Mask

Okay, so I’m slightly mask-obsessed, so I may be a bit biased on this one. To have something that sits on your face, soaking into your pores smelling like roses, is truly pure heaven. This is something you’ll just have to try yourself to believe me!
organic rose otto cleansing milk

Organic Doctor® Rose Otto Cleansing Milk

FYI, this stuff feels ah-mazing on my skin. I love when creams are thin, yet hydrating. This is both! It’s one of my favorites out of my favorites <3

organic doctor rose otto skin toner

Organic Doctor® Rose Otto Skin Tone

I honestly don’t use toners as much as I should, but this one is making me a believer. Rose just may end up being my favorite flower after this is all said and done!

organic doctor rose otto day cream

Organic Doctor® Rose Otto Day Cream

Because I have dry skin, a good moisturizer is very important. Having one that smells good is even better. What better way to start my morning that to literally wake up to the smell of roses? I also am very sensitive as far as allergy issues and this doesn’t bother my nostrils at all! It’s the faintest hint of “smell good.”

organic doctor rose otto skin lotion

Organic Doctor® Rose Otto Skin Lotion

This is one I’ll have to hide from the fiancé. Being around me for so long, he has learned to appreciate the benefits of skincare and even better, those that are all natural and are good for you. Everyone wants that more youthful appearance and being able to have something to apply to the entire body is a plus for both of us!
organic doctor rose otto facial serum

Organic Doctor® Rose Otto Facial Serum

I didn’t even know there was an omega other than omega-3 and there are 3 types of omega in this serum. This is some serious stuff!
organic doctor rose otto eye serum

Organic Doctor® Rose Otto Eye Serum

Being such a busy bee, I could always use a little help around the eyes. You’re never too young to start caring for these and their skin. Besides, I could always use a little extra relaxing!

organic doctor rose otto night cream

Organic Doctor® Rose Otto Night Cream

I can sleep well at night, knowing my skin is renewing itself with moisture as I sleep. It definitely makes my skin job a lot easier since I don’t have to bathe my face in extra moisturizer!

Fun fact: Did you know rose otto oil can also be used on the hair? Sure can!

Be sure to follow Organic Doctor® on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at the hyperlinks and head to CVS and/or Amazon for these products and more from their line. I promise you, you won’t regret it. These steals are too good to pass up!

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