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Nexxus Shampoo and Conditioner Bundle Pack Available At Costco


*This post was sponsored by Mirum. All opinions and thoughts are my own. #MyNexxusSalon #Costco

Nexxus Therappe Shampoo review, the beauty beau

One of the main keys in managing natural hair is constantly testing out new products. With my hair texture, it’s so easy for my hair to dry out and lose its moisture. Also, getting my hair styled professionally can get super expensive with it being thicker and tougher to manage. When I first found out Costco had a bundle pack of Nexxus shampoo and conditioner of luxury, salon quality, I knew there couldn’t be a better time to give this line a try!

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ApotheCARE Essentials Hair Care at CVS


*This post was sponsored by ApotheCare. All thoughts are my own.

apothecare essentials hair care line at cvs

When looking for new hair care products to try, I tend to go for not only the ones that will provide optimal results for my hair type, but also ones that smell good. When asked to test the ApotheCARE Essentials hair care line from CVS, I was excited because I had an assumption they would smell like roses. Turns out I was right!

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TRESemmé New York Fashion Week at CVS


*This post was sponsored by Mirum, but all opinions are my own.

how to use tresemme on natural hair

While I love wearing my natural hair, I like rocking a different style from time to time. The only issue I have with that is not being super natural hair savvy, meaning not knowing how to really style my hair outside of the norm. As you all probably know from Instagram, today is my last day at NYFW. While there, I was able to get my hair styled into a braid.

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BelleWigs Natural Straight Bob Free Curling Lace Front Wig Review


*This post was sponsored by BelleWigs. All opinions are my own.

BelleWigs Natural Straight Bob Free Curling Lace Front Wig

Those of you who said you loved my hair like this…thank you very much! 😁 From the title of this post, you probably already mustered that it isn’t mine though haha, although having it on my head for the time being makes it mine. 😉 My Natural Straight Bob Free Curling Lace Front Wig from BelleWigs is such a lifesaver on days I don’t feel like styling my natural hair!

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Keeping My Coils Hydrated with MOROCCANOIL®


*This post was sponsored and paid for Moroccanoil® and all items shown were provided by the brand. All opinions are my own.


Having been 100% natural (hair wise) since December of 2015, it’s a lot easier to pick and choose products based on my texture, since I know what my natural texture is. Whenever I see the word “curl” on a hair product, my heart skips a beat and I immediately am intrigued! That’s precisely what happened when I was approached by Moroccanoil® to review some products from their line!

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