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Top 5 White Boohoo Items for Wimbledon


what to wear to wimbledon, the beauty beau

Happy 4th! 1 vivid memory I can remember as a kid was watching the tennis matches. During my summers off from school, I used to stay with my uncle, his wife and my cousin and that’s where I was introduced to tennis.

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Tobi Lookbook Recap


tobi spring lookbook

For the past week or so, I have posted multiple outfits from Tobi. The thing I like about them is that they offer 50% off your first order. What?!

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How to Style A Maxi Dress for the Office


The majority of you are probably thinking that I’ve gone off the deep end. The remaining few of you are maybe under the impression that this girl may be onto something. Either way, I can assure you I haven’t lost it, not in the way you may think at least…jk. I have always been one to follow the rules, but also find ways around them…legally and ethically of course. I truly believe I can make every single thing in my closet work for the office, whether it appears that way initially or not. This maxi dress from Twinkle Deals will be my first example and you guys can let me know after this post whether you’d like to see more of this series! So if you remember from a couple of weeks back, I posted this…

chiffon maxi dress

Photo credit: Michelle Herrick Photography

In any normal office, this type of dress would not be appropriate. For one, lack of sleeves is a no-no. In my office, they are acceptable, but then they’re not. It has to be a certain season, but I don’t think they’ve caught on that Louisiana doesn’t really stick to those lol. Anyway, the dress also gives off major side boob and back outage, both of which are nowhere near appropriate in pretty much any workplace. Lastly, the dress is very sheer. I definitely don’t work anywhere that allows anything of that nature, so that leaves me with…the COVERUP method! It’s pretty much self-explanatory. I covered up the dress with other office appropriate pieces in my closet.

black BCBG blazer

lace up ballet flats marley hairlaced ballet flats black pencil skirthow to style a maxi dress for the office how to style a maxi dresshow to dress for an interviewinterview outfit for womenblack BCBG blazer lace up flatsmaxi dress with a blazer back zip pencil skirtcrochet braids with marley hair

Now do you believe me? An easy fix for a considerably inappropriate dress for the workplace. You could even wear this with pumps, but I’m all about comfort where I work…most of the time lol. Also, a way to make this suitable for the upcoming winter months is to add tights underneath. The sky is always the limit when it comes to fashion, never forget that!

Dress/Top: c/o Twinkle Deals Fashionable Round Collar Sleeveless Floral Print Women’s Maxi Dress (available HERE)

Blazer: BCBG (old)

Skirt: Love Culture (similar styles HERE, HERE and HERE)

Shoes: GoJane Point It Out Laced Faux Suede Flats (available HERE)

Bracelet: c/o Twinkle Deals Stylish Letter Openwork Flower Pattern Weaved Layered Friendship Bracelet For Women (available HERE)

Photos: Keshaun Fudge

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LOOKBOOK: 3 Ways to Style A Scarf


1 of the items I used to struggle most with was styling a scarf. That’s honestly the reason I never wore one. In the past couple of years, I have forced myself to learn how to properly wear one lol. Sometimes all it takes is a little push to get out of your comfort zone. Once you’re out of that jam, there’s no looking back! I partnered up with Moon Cats to do 3 posts showing how I style my scarves. The 3 examples I gave are nowhere near being the only possible ways; the possibilities are always endless when it comes to fashion! This cashmere scarf has been so good to me, from warmth in the office, to keeping myself dry in the recent rainy southern Louisiana weather. Here’s a quick recap of all the outfits in which I featured the scarf! Click a photo to view the full outfit post and more photos!


Top: HEREDenim: similar HEREShoes: Steve Madden, Scarf: c/o Moon Cats HERE (use coupon “CANDIE20OFF” for 20% off!); Bracelet: HEREEarrings: c/o HERERing: c/o HERE


Top: HEREDenim: HEREBooties: Frock Candy; Scarf: c/o Moon Cats HERE (use coupon “CANDIE20OFF” for 20% off!); Handbag: HEREEarrings: HEREWatch: c/o HERE


Top: c/o HERESkirt: HEREChelsea Boots: HEREScarf: c/o Moon Cats HERE (use coupon “CANDIE20OFF” for 20% off!); Cuff Bracelet: HEREBeaded Bracelets: c/o HEREEarrings: HERE

If there is anything else you’d like me to do a lookbook on, let me know! As of right now, I plan to do one on Chelsea boots, longline vests and maxi skirts. I may come up with more later, including some fall trends, so stay tuned!

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