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Soakin’ Some Rays


how to wear an orange crop top, the beauty beau

Happy Monday beauties! Well…it’s only happy to me because it’s almost over haha. I’m currently sitting here stuffing my face with Spanish rice as I type this. In case you didn’t already know, I am obsessed with all things Spanish, even the language!

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Spring Into Color


how to style a denim mini skirt, the beauty beau

Happy Sunday…almost Monday! For those of you who aren’t personal friends with me on Facebook, or follow me on Instagram, I am engaged! It still feels so weird saying that lol. He really is an amazing man and I couldn’t be more blessed with my life partner.

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Subtle Reveal


how to style a lace blouse, the beauty beau

I have been holding onto this look for a while, solely due to the reason it was too cold to post and wasn’t seasonally appropriate. Well it’s come to the point where I’m tired of waiting and it’s high time I share it! 

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how to style a bomber, the beauty beau

Today marked my last day at my 2nd job and I feel so much weight lifted already. It’s kind of pointless at this point to still be there. Don’t get me wrong, I love working there. However, the money I make blogging now compared to my checks there makes it silly to stay, not to mention no discussion of promotion or growth opportunities. So, time to go!

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How to Wear Crocs on A Date


how to wear crocs on a date, the beauty beau

I have been wanting to do a couples’ OOTD for quite some time now with the bf, but we would always put it off until finally we were forced to do one…haha! I must say, it was quite the experience and we both look forward to doing more of these very soon!

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