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Street Stylin’ in Belk’s True Craft Brand


*This post was sponsored in collaboration with Belk. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

natural hair fashion blogger

Since I’ve been blogging, I’ve always been known to be a lover of versatile pieces. I simply don’t like wearing things that can only be worn one way, even if they can, I always find a way to wear it differently. That comes with ease when there’s a brand out there like True Craft that encourages the “One-of-a-Kind Vibe.” No matter your personality or flair for fashion, you are certain to find a way to make all of their pieces work. Allow me to introduce you to the latest True Craft line for fall, sold exclusively at Belk Department Stores and launching in July 2017!

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Paint A Picture


how to wear pearl slides, the beauty beau

For once in a very long time, my Monday flew by. I woke up and did some blog work, along with sharing a little petty on Facebook, cooked and the day is now gone šŸ˜µ

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Ruffled Lace Blouse


how to style a ruffled lace blouse, the beauty beau

I’m sure you figured you would see these sandals again on the blog. If you guessed that, then you are correct! I have found that the best way to wear these pom pom sandals on my slimmer legs is to wear the ties pretty low. I have tried to wear them high and they just slip and slide…or maybe it’s because I always have chicken grease on my legs…KIDDING!

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Nude Attitude


how to wear brook and york jewelry, the beauty beau

If you’ve followed me and my fashion posts year after year, you’ll see that my taste in jewelry has changed significantly. I have gone from the chunkiest jewelry to the most minimal pieces. I now look at some of my statement necklaces and say to myself, “What was I thinking?”

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Bubblegum Pop


Dallas street style blogger, the beauty beau

The person who inspired the bandana tied around my head? My fiancĆ©, Keshaun and the fact I simply didn’t feel like doing much to my hair…*shrugs shoulders* We all have those days; don’t act like I’m the only one šŸ™‚ As you know, ever since I got a step hem skirt, I have also been on the hunt for the perfect step hem jeans. Well, they have arrived!

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Carbon38 + The Beauty Beau


*The items in this post were providedĀ fromĀ Carbon38 as gifts. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

Athleisure is my favorite! Bury those 4 words into your brain because on The Beauty Beau, it isn’t going anywhere. If you saw me Sunday through Saturday, you would probably find me most likely to be wearing athleisure + kicks. I mean, because why not? Haha

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