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Benefits of Rose in Skincare feat. Organic Doctor


*This post was sponsored by Organic Doctor®. All opinions are my own.
benefits of rose in skincare, the beauty beau

Rose is a natural source I’ve been using a lot lately, mainly drinking (hello H2rOse!) and more recently, using it externally on my skin. It’s something that I could have only thought of in the past of being used for romance purposes, in the form of a bouquet or vase from my loved one. Imagine my surprise when I received this shipment full of skincare products, just begging me to test them out. Allow me to introduce you to the brand, Organic Doctor®, also known as Dr. Organic in the U.K.!

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Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Advanced Kit for Dry Skin Review


*Press sample*

By now, you should be familiar with my obsession with skincare. I have always taken pride in taking great care of my skin. It’s an excellent trait I inherited from my mother. If you have seen pictures of her, you will see what I mean. She doesn’t look a day past 30, no joke!

I was just introduced to Paula’s Choice, a brand that I have become very acquainted with due to other beauty blogger reviews I have recently seen. I was given the opportunity to have a one-on-one consultation with a Paula’s choice specialist to determine which products would work best for me. The products suggested were a dead-ringer for my skin type. They even covered stuff I forgot to mention to the specialist about my skin. I was directed to try the Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Advanced Kit, which caters to dry, very dry skin, those with eczema, redness and extra-sensitive skin.

skin recovery advanced kit for dry skinPaula's Choice Skin Recovery Advanced Kitpaula's choice skincare

Here are the steps I followed for the skincare system:

Step 1: Rinse face with cool water.

how to wash your face

Step 2: Apply a generous layer of the Skin Recovery Hydrating Treatment Mask. I only find myself doing this once a week since my issues with skin hydration have improved. I left it on for 20 minutes as the instructions suggested and rinsed off afterwards.

Skin Recovery Hydrating Treatment Maskmask for dry skin

Step 2: To properly cleanse the skin, I used the Skin Recovery Softening Cream Cleanser. I used a bit more than I normally would since I had makeup residue that also needed to be removed from earlier in the day. (Yes I have a mole in my ear lol).

face cleanser for dry skincreamy face cleanser for dry skin

Step 3: Apply the Skin Recovery Enriched Calming Toner with a cotton pad. I was out of pads, so a cotton ball worked just fine for me.

Skin Recovery Enriched Calming Tonertoner for dry skin

Step 4: Apply a small amount of the Skin Perfecting 8% AHA Gel Exfoliant. Literally all you need is a little of this stuff. During application, I noticed an immediate radiant appearance to my skin, which is what I live for when it comes to my skin.

Skin Perfecting 8% AHA Gel ExfoliantPaula's Choice Skin Perfecting 8% AHA Gel Exfoliantpaula's choice skincare review

Step 5: Apply the Skin Recovery Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum. I used slightly smaller than the size of a dime for this.

Skin Recovery Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serumserum for dry skin

Step 6: This will vary based on your skin type, what time of day it is and preference. Since it was nighttime, I steered clear of the Skin Recovery Daily Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30 and applied the Skin Recovery Replenishing Moisturizer to finish everything off. Normally, it would take me a lot more than this amount of product to properly moisturize my face, but with this system, I find myself using a lot less, week after week. Awesome sauce!

Skin Recovery Replenishing Moisturizermoisturizer for dry skinHere are a few other items I received from Paula’s Choice:

skincare books

A skincare catalog and guides to taking the best possible care of your skin. The Best Skin of Your Life Starts Here, 20 Beauty Myths Busted! and more.

resist moisture renewal oil booster

This is the Paula’s Choice Resist Moisture Renewal Oil Booster. It is great to add into your serum or moisturizer for that added layer of hydration.

Lip Perfecting Gentle Scrub with Micro Beads

This is a God send for my wintery chapped lips and I am also a sucker for lip scrubs.

If you’re unsure if these products will work for your skin type, here’s what to consider:

  • Paula’s Choice offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee (within 60 days), no animal testing and no irritating dyes or fragrances
  • They are committed to customer advocacy, education and helping people find the best products for their skin. In fact, everyone can receive a FREE personal skincare consultation by calling this number: 1-800-831-4088 As I mentioned earlier, their suggestions to me were dead-on helping me properly nourish my skin!
  • Their product line includes something for everyone, acne, rosacea, aging, pores. They treat it all. On their website, you can choose from a menu of skincare concerns you’d like to treat.
  • Their website has a full encyclopedia of advice for every type of skin care concern. Paula Begoun, the founder, is all about truth in beauty, skin care, ingredients and proven research. Here’s an article that will get you started if you suffer from dry skin like me:


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paula's choice coupon

BONUS: I was also given a lip set from Paula’s Choice, the Perfect & Bright Lip Collection. Come back in a few days for that review! (Didn’t want to bombard y’all with too much stuff in this post, haha.

Thanks to Paula’s choice for sponsoring this post. Also, thanks to my stepson for taking these photos of me!

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Vivicin Cold Sore Cream Review


*Press sample*

Hopefully the title of this post didn’t scare you off. Believe it or not though, this product isn’t a one-hit wonder, meaning it can serve more than one purpose. I actually used the product for the intention of softening my parched lips. Let me give you the back story: I recently spent about a week in Phoenix for my graduate school graduation ceremony and shopping (more on that later). Mind you, I had all my makeup packed and ready to go, carelessly forgetting my freaking lip balm :/ Now when it comes to vacation, I am very cheap. There are only 2 things I will blow money on: food and clothes. Items that I have forgotten at home are not in either of those categories. So, I settled for wearing lipstick to bed thinking that would miraculously soften my lips. WRONG! By the time I got home, my lips were begging for mercy. I tried Burt’s Bees, Carmex…nothing was working. Then, I remembered I had this baby in my drawer just waiting to be reviewed. I figured, why not try it and give it a go? What could possibly go wrong?

Ingredients from Nature:

  • argan oil
  • arnica
  • avocado oil
  • baptisia extract
  • grape seed oil
  • jojoba seed oil
  • olive fruit oil
  • potassium chloride
  • sweet almond oil

First thing that came to mind after reviewing these was, “wow that’s a lot of great stuff going on my lips!” I don’t what half of them even are, but hey, at least they sound good.

So I tried it overnight and it worked. Here’s what I did:

  • I applied a very generous layer on my lips before bed after I brushed my teeth.
  • I woke up 7 hours later and I had white, dead skin on my lips (gross, but necessary).
  • While brushing my teeth, the dead skin brushed right off revealing soft and well-moisturized lips.

Good news!

Vivicin is a clinically tested cold sore medicine that’s gentle and soothing enough to use every day.

So if this is a constant issue for you, no worries. Vivicim has you covered, daily if necessary.

Vivicin starts healing quickly—typically within 24 hours—and provides immediate pain relief.

I can’t attest to this since I actually used it for a different purpose, parched and painful lips. I can only imagine the results after my experience though.

I wish I had a before and after, but I don’t :/ If this happens to happen to me again (I’m sure it probably will), I’ll edit this post with photos. I’m telling you beauties, it’s an awesome product for parched lips. You can purchase the Vivicin Cold Sore Cream here.

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Avon ANEW Clinical Overnight Hydration Mask Review


*Press sample*

I always get excited to try new skincare. I am a firm advocate when it comes to caring for your skin. I see it like this…you only get 1. It’s kind of like when your grandparents tell you not to strain your eyes growing up trying to read in the dark because you only get one set of eyes. Well, I see skin the same way. Sure, there may be things like Botox out there, but I’m not one for wasting money if there’s something I could have done to take care of my skin in the first place.

Today, I would like to introduce you to the Avon ANEW Clinical Overnight Hydration Mask. Most of you should know by now that I am all for a product that helps nourish dry skin. To be frank, this product did just that and more.

Avon ANEW Clinical Overnight Hydration Mask, skincare review, Avon ANEW Clinical Overnight Hydration Mask Review

You should also be aware that I’m all about my luxury skincare containers. I was very impressed with this one. Here is what the product claims to do (credit to Avon):

Unique gel formula deeply replenishes lost moisture and replumps the look of skin.** Ultra-lightweight gel formulated with encapsulated hyaluronic acid & shea butter beads.

So shea butter instantly piqued my curiosity as shea butter has always been a God send to my skin. I was very happy to learn that ingredient was included in this product.

Avon ANEW Clinical Overnight Hydration Mask, skincare review, Avon ANEW Clinical Overnight Hydration Mask Review
Avon ANEW Clinical Overnight Hydration Mask, skincare review, Avon ANEW Clinical Overnight Hydration Mask Review

Avon ANEW Clinical Overnight Hydration Mask, skincare review, Avon ANEW Clinical Overnight Hydration Mask Review

I would describe the consistency as being water-gel. It’s lighter than a gel, yet cool to the touch like water. I love it. It doesn’t give me that greasy film nor does it leave a sticky to the touch feeling on my skin.  The photo above shows what the mask looks like blended, but it could definitely be blended out a lot more over a larger area (the face). This amount was just concentrated on my hand. Avon suggests the following instructions for use:

Use at nighttime, 3X a week over your favorite night cream and leave on overnight. In the morning your skin looks dramatically hydrated…and visibly younger!** Won’t stain your pillow.

I personally used mine 2-3 times per week and I experienced a positive result…really soft and nourished skin! Normally, I have to immediately apply moisturizer after washing my face because my face gets dry real quick lol. This product allowed me not to have to rush to do so. I even experimented by brushing my teeth and doing my eye brows to see what would happen and my skin didn’t flake up once.

So these babies were also in the package. Surprise!
Avon Ultra Color Indulgence Lip Color

These, my beauties, are the Avon Ultra Color Indulgence Lip Color lipsticks. I was sent over 3 to try. Here’s a brief description:

Creamy texture, free of heavy waxes. Vibrant, full-color lipstick. Medium-to-full coverage.

Avon Ultra Color Indulgence Lip Color Left to right: Petal Pink, Rose Bouquet, Orchid Petalanew7

Left to right: Petal Pink, Rose Bouquet, Orchid Petal

As you can tell, these colors are very creamy. They can also come across as harder to work with. This can be fixed by applying multiple layers, as I did on the back of my hand.


Left to right: Petal Pink, Rose Bouquet, Orchid Petal

Petal Pink is honestly not my cup of tea for obvious reasons. Darker women of color like myself, don’t try it. Let’s leave Pepto Bismol at the pharmacy, shall we?

Rose Bouquet will work on a variety of complexions. It’s a pretty wearable way to wear pink lips while still maintaining that glossy finish.

Orchid Petal is my favorite. It’s the most bright lol. This is your wearable hot pink, so if you want that Nicki Minaj or Katy Perry hot pink but you don’t want it to be as out there? Fret not! This is your guy.


I really like the ANEW Clinical Overnight Hydration Mask, but then again, what skincare product have I not liked that caters to dry skin? I normally wouldn’t look at Avon as a brand to shop due to poor experiences in the past, but their skincare is definitely something to take a second glance at. I could probably pass on the Avon Ultra Color Indulgence Lip Colors and not regret it later. They are nice, but not unique to be honest.

ANEW Clinical Overnight Hydration Mask


  • Very hydrating
  • Not sticky
  • Not greasy
  • A little product goes far
  • On sale! 🙂


  • None!

Avon Ultra Color Indulgence Lip Color


  • Very creamy
  • Buildable coverage
  • Wearable


  • Not unique

You can find all of the aforementioned products on the Avon website or your local Avon representative.

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