What Deodorant Best Suits Your Personal Lifestyle?


*This post was sponsored by Walgreens in collaboration with Mirum. All opinions are my own. #DeoDoneBetter

what type of deodorant suits your personal lifestyle

As I have aged, my hormones and body has changed, in more ways than one, one of these things being my annoying perspiration. It had gotten to the point where it was really embarrassing. I chalked it up to the fact I lived in a really humid state, but I also noticed myself sweating really easily in a cool room.

I only recently discovered how effective a clinical strength deodorant could be, even in my case!

Walgreens do deo better

AXE antiperspirant signature night deodorant

My stepson actually experiences the same issue as me and he’s just hit puberty. I am anxious for him to try this one, as he already uses other AXE products! This particular deodorant by AXE doesn’t leave white marks underneath the arms or sweat stains. I’m sure he won’t mind these benefits!

degree clinical protection summer strength

I actually just used this for the first time here at NYFW and was amazed at how well my armpits stayed dry throughout the day, even while running back and forth. This Degree deodorant is clinical strength, meaning it offers prescription strength protection. The price tag is a lot more worth it than paying a doctor to determine what my issue is.

degree dry spray ultraclear black + white

In the past, spray deodorants haven’t worked for me, but maybe that’s because they weren’t made to offer sweat protection. I am so anxious to test this one out next! This one is motion activated, helping to keep you fresh longer (48+ hours to be exact!).

This month at Walgreens, be sure to check out the following offers for your clinical strength antiperspirants:

  • 9/1/17 – 9/30/17 – save $2 on 2 Clip to Card
  • 9/24/17 – 9/30/17 – BOGO 50% OFF and also Buy 2, Get $2 Register Rewards

Check out your local Walgreens for these deodorants and others in the clinical strength category, as there are several other options available!

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