My Experience with OLAY Luminous Whips Moisturizer


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olay whip moisturizer, the beauty beau

One thing I constantly complain about with my skin is its dryness. Doesn’t really matter what time of year; it’s just always really dry. As a result, I find myself having to layer multiple products on to get the moisture my skin needs, or I find it being a bit too thick to go underneath my makeup. Well, I was introduced to Olay Luminous Whip about a month ago, and it has a light as air finish, while leaving my skin soft and smooth!

OLAY Luminous Whip Moisturizer, candace hampton

Immediately upon opening the container, I took a whiff of the moisturizer, as I usually do with all my beauty products and it smelled amazing! It was pleasant, but not overpowering for my sensitive skin. The “whipped” like texture is a result of it being able to transform from cream to liquid upon skin contact. I was honestly skeptical about Whip when I first opened it, but it felt so weightless and hydrating on my skin afterwards!

OLAY Whip Moisturizer, Dallas beauty blogger

The Olay Luminous Whip also works for a wide range of skin types! I say this because it is said to minimize the appearance of pores, which I don’t have (🤞🏽), but it also is a brightening formula, helping to even out skin tone. The end result is a breathable and lightweight feel, which I must say is a bonus for a girl who is used to using thick layers of product on her skin.

OLAY luminous whip, dallas skincare blogger

What I love most about Whip is how well it wears under my foundation. My liquid foundations still feel light and my skin can still breathe underneath. I no longer have to mist my face with a spray throughout the day, though I do apply a serum under the moisturizer for extra moisture. My skin starts off smooth in the morning and ends with such a smooth feeling by bedtime. I am very impressed with this moisturizer, that is like no other I’ve tried due to its unique texture and feel.

luminous moisturizer

Be sure to check out this moisturizer here; I also find they have a variety of Whips, even with sunscreen! 😱 #ChristmasWishlistPlease

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