Godiva Gold Discovery Collection


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Godiva gold discovery collection, the beauty beau

Nothing like having your chocolate and eating it too, says everyone in the world (don’t argue with me on this). Just roll with it! 😉 With Godiva’s new Gold Discovery Collection, you can have your chocolates…or gift them…or both. It’s really all up to you!

Godiva's Gold Discovery Collection, candace hampton

Godiva’s Gold Discovery Collection is a contemporary take on a classic, including their innovative flavors as well as well-loved favorites, representing their love for Belgian artistry. Classic flavors like the Coffee Feather and Midnight Swirl are given a modern twist, with an updated mold design, to appeal to a larger audience of chocolate enthusiasts, plus there are new flavors like Pecan Praline Allure and Strawberry Lychee. It is a way to “Treat Yourself Wonderful” and turn ordinary moments extraordinary!

Godiva Gold Discovery Collection, the beauty beau
Dallas food blogger, Candace Hampton
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Godiva gold discovery collection
treat yourself wonderful with Godiva

Godiva’s packaging for the Gold Discovery Collection is rejuvenated with a more modern look and an even more refined taste. For me, anything gold makes me feel elegant, so why not treat myself with a box or two of chocolates? Reward yourself one piece at a time! 😉

Aside from being able to treat yourself, these would make excellent gifts for a friend or any member of the family. With the wide range in flavors and taste, you are bound to make anyone smile with this surprise!

reward yourself with chocolate

I have always thought of Godiva as an affordable luxury and the same holds true with this collection. For years, I used to con my mom into buying a small package of Godiva chocolates from the register during the holidays, and while it was quite delicious then, I am now able to better appreciate just how delicious and satisfying it really is to my taste buds! My personal favorite flavors are the White Chocolate Hazelnut Heart and Pecan Praline Allure, being the Southern girl I am. I also have a slight preference for white chocolate over dark chocolate and also a huge fan of pecan praline ice cream, so to have both of these as options in the collection was a sweet surprise!

Do yourself a favor and treat yourself with a box for yourself…and a friend…or both! 😌

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