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I remember sharing this outfit some months back (okay, maybe not that long, but close) on Instagram and Facebook and I didn’t give you any details and left it at that. Hope you’re not still mad at me? Better late than never? Yes? No? Everything is still available too, except for a couple of minor things. Hopefully that makes it all better 😉

Let me give you the backstory…though half of you probably don’t care, but I’m a Southern girl who likes to talk a lot…okay back to the point! Sorry, I’ve had a lot of caffeine 😀

Anyway, I was invited to this British Airways event in NOLA, I honestly can’t even remember when, and it was basically a launch party, celebrating the first time ever that a flight has flown directly from New Orleans to London nonstop. Anyone wanna guess which airline this is? Okay, I’m delirious at this point. Just enjoy the look and your Sunday 🙂
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Grey Chloe Faye Inspired Bag: c/o Closet Access Kendall Crossbody Bag (available HERE)

Watch: c/o Barbas & Zacari Nightfall (available HERE)

Photos: Alyssa Fisher Photography

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