GRUB: Moxie’s Grill and Bar Dallas


*Our meals were provided by Moxie’s Grill and Bar Dallas. All opinions and taste buds are my own. ☺️

moxie's grill and bar Moscow Mule

On the weekend, we like to eat. And drink. And GRUB. And repeat. A few weekends ago, Keshaun and I got the chance to experience Moxie’s Grill and Bar for the first time and let me tell you, I am glad I went there on an empty stomach. I was able to enjoy everything that was placed in front of me to the fullest extent!

A tradition I’ve adopted is to start the weekend off on a good foot. That foot happens to be a good old Moscow Mule! I have a goal to try every single one at all the places I dine. The particular one I’m sipping on up above at Moxie’s is the Blackberry Mint Bourbon Mule. It was a delicious mix of some of my favorite flavors! ☺️


Moxie's Fresh Smashed Guacamole, the beauty beau

Here I am enjoying the Fresh Smashed Guacamole, and it was every bit of fresh. I normally skip the guacamole from everywhere I eat, because it often has way too much garlic for me to enjoy. I am proud to report that wasn’t the case with this! I could actually taste the avocado (which I’m probably a bit biased on being an addict, haha) and all the flavors! Nothing was overwhelming in this dish. Keshaun even enjoyed it and he’s not much of a guac fan at all.

Moxie's Poutine, Candace Hampton

Keshaun was a bit more ballsy with his appetizer. He went straight for something 100% different, the Poutine! According to our waitress, Poutine is a traditional Canadian dish, where hot beef gravy and cheese curds are served on top of fresh cut fries. I’ll be honest, they’re an acquired taste, as they are flavors I’m not used to eating together. I’m always up for trying something new though and being from the South, the gravy was incredible!

moxie's grill and bar poutine

(too greedy to wait for me to take the picture first 🙄)


Moxie's Chipotle Mango Chicken, the beauty beau
moxie's chipotle mango chicken

As I mentioned already and y’all know, I am from Louisiana, pretty much deemed by me as the state of eating and great food. In knowing that, my food has to be seasoned and it has to be perfect. I was shocked in not having to send my Chipotle Mango Chicken back! It was beyond perfect and I had a cleaned plate at the end. There was also avocado on the dish too. That pretty much sold me alone on ordering this!

Moxie's Blackened Chicken Burger

Keshaun ordered the Blackened Chicken Burger, once again, not waiting until I took the photo, haha. Unlike your average burger, there was no ketchup. It was dressed in the most delicious roasted garlic mayo. I’ll have to admit, I was slightly jealous in not ordering this alongside my own entrée. And the fries?! Oh, man….insanely good!

Keshaun Fudge

My handsome date for the night! 😍

Moscow Mule toast
MOXIE'S grill and bar Dallas

Thank you Moxie’s for sponsoring our date night with such yummy food! Be sure to check out your nearest location if you happen to come to Texas one day, to satisfy your taste buds and to have such an incredible environment to dine! We plan on visiting the location in Houston too. Gotta have more of that guac! 😉

Photos: Keshaun Fudge @thefitdapperneur

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