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Currently typing this with a slightly sore forearm, as I just left Topgolf and sucked miserably at it. Imagine swinging really hard and missing the entire ball several times. I did eventually start actually hitting the ball, but the number of painful times it took to get to that point is just…idk haha.

I guess if you actually know how to play golf, you won’t be sore. I just hope the soreness dissipates by the time I get ready to lift weights and do push-ups and such. In case you didn’t already guess, I’m the biggest whiney baby. No worries; I’ll get over it (hopefully).

I also guess that’s what I get for not making this post live a couple of days ago as I said I would 🙂
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And I promise you my fly isn’t open; it’s a button front 🙂

Photos: Keshaun Fudge


Daisy Blouse: ZARA (in store)

Bracelet: c/o RINGLY (available HERE)

Watch: c/o Barbas & Zacari Nightfall (available HERE)

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