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how to wear a striped blouse, the beauty beau

If y’all have been following for a while, y’all know there is one thing I don’t give 2 flying birds about, and that’s wearing white after Labor Day. I know some tend to cheat and wear winter white, but personally, I wear flat out white and wear it proudly. I really don’t see what difference a few months makes lol!

Whenever I see any type of button down with one of my favorite prints (e.g. stripes, plaid, etc), I tend to get it, especially when it’s a shirt that is thin like this one. Even when it gets cold outside, I can only stand long sleeves for a short period of time. That’s why thin ones like these are a bit more favorable for me. It does wrinkle a bit easier than I’d like it to, but I guess perfect doesn’t come cheap! 😜

how to style a striped blouse, candace hampton
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