How I Moisturize My Skin Using Vaseline Cocoa Radiant


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Being a influential fashion blogger, it is important that my skin’s hydration is always on point. I mean, who wants to scroll through a blogger’s pics where her skin is ashy and dry?! I know I wouldn’t…major turn off! With my really dry skin (thanks Dad!), I found true love in Vaseline Cocoa Radiant. It contains 100% pure cocoa and shea butters and also Vaseline Petroleum Jelly…the best of all worlds in 1 bottle!

Like your face, you always want to begin with a clean canvas for your body. It helps to ensure your skin receives maximum hydration and the product soaks into your skin, giving you that moisturized look and in photos and in person. In case you were wondering where you can find Vaseline Cocoa Radiant, check out your local Walmart; it’s where I got mine!

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vaseline cocoa radiant with shea butter and cocoa butterhow to moisturize your skin with vaseline cocoa radiant

I normally do this with clothes off in case I wear jeans in some outfits and shorter bottoms in others, but I figured I could spare you of what that might look like, haha!
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Because I love you all so much before I forget, be sure to check your local newspaper beginning tomorrow for a couple of FSI/Ibotta offers for some deals. Y’all should know that ya’ girl loves a deal, am I right?!

  • 5/14/17 – 6/11/17 FSI (coupon in newspaper) – $2 off Core, which includes Cocoa Radiant
  • 5/17/17 – 6/14/17 Ibotta Offer – Redeen $1.25 off purchase of 20.3 oz only

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how to moisturize your body with vaseline
how to keep your skin moisturized

You can purchase Vaseline Cocoa Radiant in Walmart during the summer, but it is available all year long for that needed moisture! Also, Walmart’s Savings Catcher will help you ensure you’re getting the best price after your purchase. That app has allowed me to save so many dollars, that can go towards some new clothes, to wear after you’ve moisturized your skin 😉

Photos: Mistique Drake Photography

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