How to Wear Crocs on A Date


how to wear crocs on a date, the beauty beau

I have been wanting to do a couples’ OOTD for quite some time now with the bf, but we would always put it off until finally we were forced to do one…haha! I must say, it was quite the experience and we both look forward to doing more of these very soon!

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Romp Around


how to style a romper, the beauty beau

Currently in the airport getting my nerves together after one of the longest hours of my life. I can’t go into too much detail right now, but I am fully pooped. I feel like I was college all over again. If my memory wasn’t refreshed about what I learned in university, it sure as heck is now!

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How To Wear Crocs to the Office


how to wear crocs to the office, the beauty beau

If someone would have told me I would be wearing Crocs at any time past middle/high school, I would have probably laughed. Believe me, they were awesome for school and my after school jobs, but trying to incorporate them into what I wear now would be downright challenging.

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How To Elevate A Monokini


how to elevate a bikini, the beauty beau

Once again, I’m debuting a monokini in the winter. This one actually looks like a bodysuit since some of the more recently designed ones have mesh panels at the front. Isn’t the print of this one beautiful?

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how to style leopard jeans, the beauty beau

I can finally visually see spring coming around on the calendar, so I know it’s high time I get all these wintery looks out…though I’ll probably have a few left to post after spring has come, but hey. Autumn is approaching in Australia lol.

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Butterfly Dress


how to style a mini dress, the beauty beau

Some of y’all are going to be pissed when I tell you this, but this dress is now sold out 🙁 Sadly, I couldn’t find the exact same dress to link, but I did find some pretty close ones!

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