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Modern Femme Dress, the beauty beau

I wore this dress to a wedding ceremony a couple of weeks back and got quite a few compliments on it! It was my intention to bring my camera with me to Mississippi, but I figured I could go a weekend without shooting so we could give all attention to Keshaun’s family, since we live more than 8 hours away.

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In any case, this may be my new favorite maxi. It’s long enough and the high slit is at the perfect height. The deep V is actually a lot lower than this, but at a wedding, there are certain things you shouldn’t do…and that’s show too much cleavage…unless of course, you’re the bride. In this case I wasn’t. I just may write a post on things that shouldn’t be worn at weddings. I went on a rant about it on Facebook and riled up a few people (obviously the guilty parties, but whatever). That’s what I’m known for, making folks uncomfortable! 😉

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Photos: Keshaun Fudge


Maxi Dress: c/o Honeybum Modern Femme Dress

Necklace: Mimmic Jewelry (in store)

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