If you’re saying to yourself, ‘that looks like a dress,’ that’s because it is one lol.

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I have been anxious to do a tutorial using Melt Cosmetics By Starlight lipstick for the past year since I purchased it.

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An outfit of the day styling stonewashed denim from Ami Clubwear, a ribbed crop top from Necessary Clothing and denim single sole pumps.

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face of the day

Icy Blues

Good evening beauties! Today, I have decided to do a makeup tutorial wearing silver, light blue, turquoise and mauve eye shadows. Sounds cool, right? That part of the look may be what’s up, but for some reason, my face was extra greasy on the day I filmed this, I don’t why! I nowhere near have oily skin; it’s extremely dry. Anyway, try to look past the chicken grease on my face and enjoy the look!

Products Used:


Bare Minerals Smoky Eye Brush

MAC #226 Brush

Tmart Medium Flat Shader Brush

Sedona Lace #312 Brush

Royal Care Cosmetics Foundation Brush

Bare Minerals Full Flawless Face Brush

MAC #168 Brush


CoverFX Cream Concealer in Golden Medium

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Cadiz

Bare Minerals READY SPF 15 Touch Up Veil in Translucent

MAC Peony Petal Blush


e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner in Coffee

Ben Nye Creme Highlight in Medium

Milani Cosmetics Clear Brow Gel


MAC Painterly Paint Pot

MAC Shale Eye Shadow

MAC Blackberry Eye Shadow

MAC Quarry Eye Shadow

MAC Mystery Eye Shadow

MAC Medium Plus Mineralize Skinfinish

Bare Minerals Reveal Eye Color

Black Rose Minerals Lost Pigment

MAC High-Def Cyan Chromagraphic Pencil

Motives Cosmetics Noir Liquid Liner

Rimmel London Wonderlash Mascara

#46 Lashes


MAC Men Love Mystery Lipstick

The final look!

OOTD: http://www.thebeautybeau.com/bleach-wash/

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outfit of the day

Off Duty

DSC_0124_01DSC_0054_01 DSC_0036_01DSC_0012_01 DSC_0112_01DSC_0026_01 DSC_0115_01DSC_0002_01 DSC_0046_01DSC_0104_01 DSC_0085_01DSC_0092_01 DSC_0121_01Excuse the fuzziness in these photos. It was near nighttime and my camera wasn’t having it. This is the button-front skirt OOTD I teased you with in yesterday’s trend post. I am also physically exhausted. I worked overtime every single day this week, meaning waking up early and going to bed late, and also having to wake up early for my stepson’s cross-country race. As much as I love cross-country, especially since I used to be a runner, I am just sleepy lol. I am in the process of taking a much needed nap the instant I’ve posted this. If you don’t own one of these button-front skirts, now isn’t a bad time to get one. Just pair some outfits together; you can even search “button-front skirt OOTD” in Google and find out a number of ways to style one. I’m sure you’ll be on the hunt for one soon after lol. Enjoy and have a great day! XOXO

Top: A’GACI Short Sleeve V Neck Tee (available HERE)

Skirt: c/o LUCLUC Camo Denim A-line Skirt (available HERE)

Shoes: GoJane (similar styles HERE)

Necklace: eBay

Earrings: Kate Spade New York Glitter Stud Earrings (available HERE)

Cuff Bracelet: Kate Spade ‘North Court’ Hinged Skinny Cuff (available HERE)

Twisted Bracelet: c/o Clubbing Girl Brown Twist Bead Bracelet (available HERE)

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Trending: Button-Front Skirt

One trend I have been noticing on my usual online shopping sites is the button-front skirt. These scream 70s to me. I love them and the fact that they come in various fabrics and styles. I have seen them in suede, leather and denim. They are so versatile and you can use them for transitioning and even for winter paired with tights underneath. If mini skirts aren’t your thing, midi and even longer lengths are offered as options. They can be worn with a variety of shoes too, so don’t feel you have to go get an entire wardrobe to make this skirt work. Be creative with what you already have! Here are some of my favorite outfits I have found online, styling the button-front skirt:   Image credit: The August Diaries

Image credit: The Fashion Guitar

Image credit: The Haute Journal

Image credit: Stella Wants to Die

Image credit: lindatol

It’s quite obvious that my favorite of the bunch are denim. I can’t wait to get one! Here are some options I’ve found online that are available for purchase:

*Image credits to GoJane, Boohoo & Romwe

Untitled-11) Apricot Buttons Pockets Bodycon Skirt HERE

2) Single-Breasted Flare Yellow Skirt HERE

3) Hollie Button Front Denim Mini Skirt HERE

4 & 5) Florence Button Front Ponte Midi Skirt HERE

6) Button It Faux Suede Midi Skirt HERE

7) Button All the Way Denim Pencil Skirt HERE

Also this one is available (forgot to include it above (image credit to Boohoo)):  Available HERE

What I didn’t tell you is that I already own one: I went the caged heel route with mine. I absolutely adore the camo print on this skirt. It adds a little lagniappe IMO, especially since I haven’t seen this particular style anywhere else. Come back tomorrow for an OOTD featuring this skirt! In the meantime, this skirt is available for purchase here!

By the way, those of you who have been wondering what “lagniappe” is, we use it a lot down here in Louisiana. It means “a little something extra.” Just FYI 😉

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*affiliate links are above

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Morphe Brushes Makeup Brush Haul & Review

As most of you know, I attended IMATS NYC back in April and this is the beginning of my haul posts. I just saw no point in showing them before now since the items aren’t limited edition and because I’m lazy. Ok, ok. Mainly because I’m lazy lol. Because I don’t like long drawn out posts or long videos, I’ve decided to split my Morphe Brushes makeup brushes into separate posts and videos. I figured you could pick and choose what you wanted to read/see  to make it fair for both of us. Without any further hesitation, here are the brushes I picked up! I honestly just grabbed random brushes, mainly those which I had nothing similar already. There’s definitely some unique babies in the bunch!

I’m first going to show you what I think would be considered eye brushes. Keep in mind, there’s no limitation on what you can use each brush for. I just figured it would be easier to separate them into groups.



B15Large Chisel Fluff Brush – Sorry for the off-focus shot on this one. This brush is great for blending out color in the crease or for applying color to the eyelid. I did notice a bit of shedding for this one. Bummer. 


B77 Oval Shadow Brush – This baby is a stiffer version of the brush previously shown. It works great to pack color onto the lid. Don’t expect an ease of blending for this one; it will take a little extra time to achieve that.


B71 Metal Eyelash Definer – I bought this brush purely for looks, but who knows? I may find myself needing an eyelash separator. I even thought of touching the comb to a hot surface briefly of course, to use it as somewhat of an eyelash curler. Hmmm…I’ll try that out and if it works, I’ll do a separate tutorial and post 😉


B81 Tapered Blender Brush – Because of the badger/goat hair composition, it isn’t as soft as some of the other Morphe brushes I have. This brush does however, work beautifully to apply color to the crease, or for a light wash of color on the eyelids.


B43 – Large Pointed Crease Brush – Hello MAC #226 dupe! This one had a slight hint of shedding, but that’s to be expected for most brand new brushes from my personal experience. You could use this a number of ways…from the crease, to the outer v, to the tear duct. It would also be a great smudging brush for that extra drama on the lower lash line. Obsessed.

I would now like to introduce you to my “M” series brushes of choice.



M457 Large Duo Fiber Dome Buffer Brush – I was most excited about this brush. Too bad it sheds like cat hair. It is a really great brush for applying liquid foundation, but I just cannot get past the shedding. It’s a bit over the top for me.


M512 – Round Contour Brush – This brush is another cutie. While I haven’t used it yet, it seems like it would be the perfect concealer brush or highlighting brush. I wouldn’t use it as a blush brush because I tend to use bold colors on my cheeks and I don’t need any extra assistance with that lol. This would work well for contouring too for that extra drama in the hollows of the cheeks.


MB18 Round Crease Brush – I know y’all are getting sick of seeing my horrid nails. Anyway, this brush pretty much serves the same purpose as the B43, minus the pointed tip. This is more of a blending version and it blends out harsh crease colors beautifully.


M334 – Mini Angled Buffer Brush – Can you say concealer again? Repeat after me: concealer, buffer, highlight, lid. You guessed it, it works wonders for all of these. I wouldn’t necessarily use this brush for highlighting the cheekbones, but under that sweet eyebrow arch? Yes, please! It’s angled, so it has a bit more flexibility for maneuvering around small areas. Such a plus.


B27 Badger Flat Bronzer Brush – I don’t know if I would use this for bronzing since it’s so large and I typically don’t like applying bronzer to large areas of my face. However, this makes a great powder and liquid foundation brush. I didn’t notice much shedding with this one. You may find yourself needing a brush mesh thingy (whatever those things are called) to keep your brush hairs in place.

The next babies I have to show are from the “S” series. Just take a look at how adorable they are!


S3 – Deluxe Medium Foundation Brush – Nothing super special here. It’s just a slightly smaller version of the MAC #195 Foundation Brush. I don’t know why I got it honestly. *shrugs*


S4 Deluxe Oval Concealer Brush – Concealer…again. I know, don’t shoot me. I’m a concealer fiend and I need some major brushes to back that up. That works as an excuse right? Another plus is that this will work well for moisturizing small spots of flaky skin on top of that foundation after application. Didn’t think of that, huh? Well there ya go, something other than a concealer brush…HA!

I am really pleased with all the brushes I selected. These will be some great additions to my kit and personal use, though I’m considering hoarding them primarily for myself lol. Another great thing to mention is the price point; they’re totally affordable! I highly recommend them. You may find all the brushes shown above and lots of others here.

Stay tuned for some Morphe Brushes makeup reviews and tutorials coming very soon!

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outfit of the day

Laid Back

DSC_0893-2DSC_0793-2 DSC_0788-2DSC_0779-2 DSC_0775-2DSC_0784-2 DSC_0857-2DSC_0888-2 DSC_0840-2DSC_0763-2 DSC_0834-2DSC_0751-2 DSC_0860-2DSC_0810-2 DSC_0870-2DSC_0895-2One of my go to looks has a tomboy edge and a little hint of sass. It’s comfortable with a casual, yet flirty edge. I love not having to wear heels and a cute dress all the time just to look or feel feminine. Sometimes that’s unnecessary. Any guy that tells you otherwise is an idiot, straight up. My boyfriend totally understands how my style fluctuates and he’s okay with that. Definitely stick to your guns when it comes to your style. No one else has to wear it but you and you don’t need anyone else’s validation :)

This top is another one of my finds from 599 Fashion. Whether you’d like to dress it up or down is totally up to you. It would work just as great with flares and wedges as it would dressing it down like I chose this time. Be creative, step out of the box. You’ll be glad you did!

Top: c/o 599 Fashion

Denim: Necessary Clothing

Shoes: Missguided Metallic Pointed Lace Up Pumps (available HERE)

Hand Bracelet: Kendra Scott Toby Hand Bracelet in Brown Pearl (available HERE)

Ring: Kendra Scott Owen Cocktail Ring in Brown Pearl (available HERE)

Nails: Jamberry Nails Shake Your Tail Feather (available HERE)

Hair: c/o Virgo Hair Company Brazilian Virgin Hair Loose Wave (3.75 bundles) (available HERE)

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face of the day

Leopard Print Inspired Makeup

Good morning! This is not your average leopard makeup look. Most of the time when I see people out in some type of leopard article of clothing, the color red always follows. How boring! I wanted to step out of the box (what’s new, right?) and do something unexpected…pink lips! This look just goes to show, that you don’t have to stick to the norm to make something work in your favor, be different. I have never been one to follow a group. For what? Life is way too short to be following everyone else’ patterns!


Products Used:


Sedona Lace EB15 Brush

MAC #242 Brush

MAC #272 Brush

Tmart Small Flat Shader Brush

MAC #195 Brush

MAC #168 Brush


L.A. Girl Pro HD Concealer in Medium Beige

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Illuminating Foundation in B70

MAC Style Demon Mineralize Blush


e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner in Coffee

Ben Nye Creme Highlight in Medium

Milani Cosmetics Clear Brow Gel


MAC Painterly Paint Pot

MAC Swiss Chocolate Eye Shadow

MAC Brown Script Eye Shadow

MAC Handwritten Eye Shadow

MAC Orb Eye Shadow

MAC Lime Eye Shadow

Motives Cosmetics Magic Dust Glitter

Eye Kandy Liquid Sugar

Bare Minerals Midnight Round the Clock Waterproof Eye Liner

Motives Cosmetics Noir Liquid Liner

Rimmel London Wonderlash Mascara

#28 Lashes


L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Gloss in Aphrodite Kiss

The final look!

34 25 16OOTD: http://www.thebeautybeau.com/wild-thing/

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