So Bomb


how to wear an embroidered bomber jacket

I couldn’t hold this look on my external hard drive any longer. This embroidered bomber jacket is one that I will wear for many seasons to come, far past when it’s actually trending. I’m just in awe at how well constructed it is, for the very reasonable price…and yes…this is real embroidery guys!

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Giddy Up Cowgirl


how to dress like a cowgirl, the beauty beau

Happy Sunday evening babes! I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend off from both jobs and I got a lot accomplished…kind of haha. I helped my mom pick a new car; she got a 2017 Lexus ES, which is pretty nice if I must say so myself, and she very much deserves it from her hard work over the years.

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Plaid to the Bone


how to wear dusty pink heels, the beauty beau

Plaid has always been one of my go to prints, ever since grade school. Until this day, it still never fails me, only now, I dress it up a lot more than I used to. This plaid printed blouse is the perfect example of just how chic plaid can be.

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It’s Harvest Time


how to wear an off the shoulder top, the beauty beau

It’s been a crazy last few weeks; let me tell you…back and forth between my two jobs. I’ve worked every single day since Black Friday, but I wouldn’t change anything. I absolutely love working at KS. It’s almost like I’m working with friends, even the customers. It’s so surreal!

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Short Supply


how to wear a utility jacket, the beauty beau

Come on y’all. I’m not the only one who wears jackets and shorts when it’s cold outside. I can count on both hands how many of you I saw do it this morning! So in other words, don’t judge me :p

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Warming Up To Fall


how to wear a utility jacket, the beauty beau

So many of you have been experiencing fall for the past couple of months, but I’m just now finally starting the enjoy the fall weather…2 months after the fact. *insert “ugh” emoji* In any case, better late than never, right?

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