Top 5 Button Front Skirts


how to wear a button front skirt, the beauty beau

For the past couple of years, I have been rocking my button front skirt and I am still as much in love as I was then! I just love the many styles that they come in, ranging from maxi to mini length and A-line to loose fit. You may also remember me wearing a maxi, chambray version in this post…absolute love!

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Open Shoulder Plaid Button Down


how to style denim culottes, the beauty beau

I moved on without realizing I never shared it to my blog! I honestly can’t remember what happened haha. I shared a couple of photos to my Instagram and thought the look was posted everywhere else! I keep all my outfits on an external drive and I realized I never moved this look to my “DONE” folder. It’s a good thing I have that in place so I’m always aware!

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Casual Monday


how to style Adidas superstars, the beauty beau

Now that fall seems to be here, I have to speed up all my summer posts and get them up and published. 😣 So that being said, here’s one of hopefully not too many more. I’d hate to have to put them off until next spring/summer!

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GRUB: Earls Kitchen: Eat A Little. Eat A Lot.


*The food and drinks featured in this post were provided by Earls Kitchen + Bar Plano. All opinions and taste buds are our own.

Earls Kitchen + Bar Plano, the beauty beau

Nothing more appropriate than starting off with a Moscow Mule, right? I mean, what did you expect? ☺️  No worries if you missed my last memo on that. All you need to know right now is that the food at Earls Kitchen + Bar is goals. And by goals, I mean goals af… 🙌🏽

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Fall Into Color


Dive in Mini Dress, the beauty beau

I can’t remember the last time I wore a bodycon mini dress…maybe sometime in college? I am so glad I gave them another chance because they are much more flattering on me now, than they were when I was skin and bones haha!

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