Swinging Through Fall


how to wear a denim maxi skirt, candace hampton

I’m really trying to get back on my “post 3 outfits per week and have them all up at midnight CST” schedule, but my weekend was crazy busy. Friday immediately after work, I stopped by the beauty supply store to get some lashes for some makeup clients and right after that, headed out to my parents’ for the weekend.

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Happy FRYday


fry day tee, the beauty beau, baton rouge style

Many laughs on my latest Instagram pic with my Fry Day tee leading you to this post, but the really funny thing is that 90% of us are probably in the same boat every week…waiting for Friday haha. The irony of this post is that Friday is actually my cheat day, so why not have fries today?

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Butter Up


how to wear a leather skirt, the beauty beau

My love for button front skirts isn’t dying any time soon. They come in all fabrics and textures and my latest snag is this leather one…synthetic leather that is! One major problem I have with some skirts is that they ride up at the back (thank you Dad for my high hips), but I don’t have that issue with this one.

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Teal Appeal


how to wear a boho dress, the beauty beau

Okay, so I have to start by sharing this funny story first. It’s semi-TMI, but those that know me know that’s my middle name. If you’d rather not take the risk reading, just skip to the next picture (though I know must of you are curious enough to stick around anyway…haha!).

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Play It Up


how to wear a shift dress in the fall, candace hampton

I’ve mentioned before that shift dresses are some of my favorite to wear. This continues through this post and probably for many seasons to come. In some of the pics, my sleeves are rolled up because it was so freaking hot when I originally took these.

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Why Accessories Can Make or Break Your Prom Ensemble


why accessories can make or break your prom ensemble

A young lady does not survive on bread alone – or on just her prom dress. Take a cue from the stars that traverse the red-carpet runway: there’s a lot going on beyond the initial splash of the prom dress itself. The key to a complete ensemble (which is what you’re going for, after all) are accessories.

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