It amazes me how much scenery is available downtown, right where I live in Louisiana.

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Today, I am bringing you a Wet ‘n Wild Boardwalk Boozing Color Icon palette tutorial.

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Orange Twist

Any excuse to incorporate orange into a makeup look is fine by me! This time, it’s times 3 on my eyes, cheeks and lips.

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outfit of the day

Love Connection

I really hope you guys had a happy 4th of July weekend. Mine was well spent in Atlanta and South Carolina. Did you notice I didn’t mention the city in SC? It’s this really small town called Aiken. You probably could have done without that info because most of you more than likely have never heard of it anyway lol. Before I left, I got my boyfriend to shoot this outfit. I’ll be honest; I hated this hair when I first got it. For one, it was my first wig and I had no earthly idea how to style or even put it on. After pulling it out of my weave drawer (yes I have one of those lol), I now love it. I am so happy I didn’t give it away and gave it another go. It actually ended up working really well with this off the shoulder tee from Trendsgal and maxi skirt from Boohoo! The espadrilles from Missguided were a nice added bonus! I know y’all could have done without the sweaty face, but I forgot my tissue and I had nothing else to use D:

Top: c/o Trendsgal Stylish One-Shoulder Letter Print Short Sleeve T-Shirt For Women (available HERE)

Skirt: Boohoo Michelle Viscose Maxi Skirt (available HERE)

Shoes: Missguided Lace Espadrille Black (similar available HERE)

Bracelet: c/o Twinkle Deals Stylish Letter Openwork Flower Pattern Weaved Layered Friendship Bracelet For Women (available HERE)

Hair: c/o Owigs Curly PC003 Stock Full Lace Wig (available HERE)

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e.l.f. Skincare Review

*Press sample*

Good morning! Today I am finally sharing an e.l.f. skincare review on the entire line, which consists of 4 products: the Nourishing Night Cream, Soothing Serum, Illuminating Eye Cream & Daily Hydration Moisturizer.


I must first make a comment about the packaging. It screams luxury and classiness. Pretty rare for a drugstore based brand. I’m obsessed.

Here’s what e.l.f. has to say about their Soothing Serum:

  • Purified water and essential nutrients help lock in moisture to reduce the look of fine lines for glowing, healthy-looking skin.
  • This silky serum infused with skin norushing Jojoba, Aloe, and Vitamin E to sooth and protect the delicate skin area. It’s also rich in antioxidants including Shea Butter and Grape.

This item alone is a great steal to jump on. I have known serums to begin at $50; I personally have a $50 one and another that’s valued at $200. Quite pricey to spend on one item if you ask me. This serum is not your average serum that is in liquid form either. I would describe it more as a lightweight gel with a water-based consistency. If you’re oily, this shouldn’t have an effect on your skin, though I cannot guarantee that since I have very dry skin. It definitely helps if you have flaky skin like me, to apply this right before moisturizer. It pretty much erases any evidence of dryness.


Here’s what e.l.f. has to say about their Daily Hydration Moisturizer:

  • Purified water and essential nutrients help hydrate and nourish for glowing, healthy looking skin. This lightweight, lightly fragranced moisturizer is infused with skin nourishing Jojoba, Aloe, Vitamin E, and Cucumber to sooth and protect delicate skin. It’s also rich in antioxidants such as Shea Butter, Grape, and Orange. 

I have to address this packaging first. It’s annoying, but it has its pros. For one, you have to have the bottle facing with the pump down for the product to come out. It looks like a regular pump with a tube on the inside, but this particular bottle is tubeless. I would honestly rather have a container like the Nourishing Night Cream that way no product is gone to waste.


Here’s what e.l.f. has to say about their Nourishing Night Cream:

  • Purified water and essential nutrients help rehydrate and refresh skin overnight for glowing, healthy looking skin. Infused with skin-nourishing Jojoba, Aloe, Vitamin E, and cucumber to sooth and protect delicate skin. It’s also rich in antioxidants such as Shea Butter, Orange, and Lemon.

I love the feel of night cream. It has more of a whipped texture and you can feel the moisture locking in immediately after application. It definitely works its magic overnight in preventing dryness in the morning, though you still need to moisturize in the morning.


Here’s what e.l.f. has to say about their Illuminating Eye Cream:

  • Purified water and essential nutrients help hydrate and minimize the appearance of dark circles and puffiness for glowing, healthy looking skin.
  • Infused with nourishing Jojoba, Vitamin E, and Cucumber to soothe and protect the delicate skin area around the eyes. It’s also rich in antioxidants Shea Butter and Green Tea.

This stuff is amazeballs, no kidding. It is lightweight and non-greasy. It is definitely hydrating; I can attest to that. It works great if you have dry skin, particularly eyelids, and really helps your eye primer to glide on without those awful flakes. I definitely noticed a brightening effect with my eyes upon extended use of this product.

Everything in this line is $42 altogether, that’s it. It may seem like a lot to some of you, but I know higher end skincare lines that start at $42 per item. This is definitely a great deal for some awesome products. The only thing missing is a cleanser, but I’m not a brand freak and don’t have to use all the same branded items for my skincare. If you happen to have a favorite eye cream or even moisturizer, you can certainly purchase each item in this line separately.


  • inexpensive
  • luxurious packaging
  • super hydrating
  • a little product goes a long way
  • no parabens


  • lack of a facial cleanser in the line
  • packaging of the Daily Hydration Moisturizer

You can buy the entire line here or in singles here.

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face of the day

Wet ‘n Wild Boardwalk Boozing Color Icon Palette Tutorial

Today, I am bringing you a Wet ‘n Wild Boardwalk Boozing Color Icon palette tutorial. From my review yesterday, I shared that there were really only 2 shades that needed a little work, making the other 6 true winners. If you are into bold colors like me, then you definitely want to grab these palettes out of your local Wet ‘n Wild retailer (I got mine at Walgreens) as soon as you possibly can!


Products Used:


MAC #222 Brush

Sedona Lace EB09 Brush

Tmart Large Flat Shader Brush

e.l.f. Professional Eye Crease Brush

Sedona Lace #224 Brush

Sedona Lace FB07 Brush

Tmart Blush Brush


CoverFX Cream Concealer in Golden Medium

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Illuminating Foundation in B70

CoverFX CC Cream in Medium Deep

Milani Cosmetics Coral Cove Powder Blush

NYX Dewy Finish Long Lasting Setting Spray


e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner in Coffee

Ben Nye Creme Highlight in Medium

Milani Cosmetics Clear Brow Gel


MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot

Ben Nye Creme Color in White

Wet ‘n Wild Boardwalk Boozing Color Icon Palette

MAC Medium Plus Mineralize Skinfinish

Me Now Generation II Perfect Eye/Lip Liner Pencil in #008

Motives Cosmetics Noir Liquid Liner

Rimmel London Wonderlash Mascara

#46 Lashes


MAC D for Danger Lipstick

The final look!

11 12 13 14 15

Just in case you’re wondering and because I have included this in the last couple of posts, I will try to continue to do so, when I actually know what I’ll be posting next lol. My next post will be a new e.l.f. skincare review on the entire line, so be sure to come back Monday. You definitely won’t regret doing so. Have an awesome weekend!


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Wet ‘n Wild Boardwalk Boozing Color Icon Palette Review

Good morning beauties! I am quite excited to share this palette with you, along with 2 others coming within the next 2 weeks. Today, I will be performing a Wet ‘n Wild Boardwalk Boozing Color Icon Palette review. I have been a huge supporter or Wet ‘n Wild for at least 5 years and they only continue to step up their game. It’s amazing how much their products compare to higher end brands, especially when it comes to their eye shadows. I am bursting with excitement since their latest palette launch includes nothing but bright and bold eye shadows!



I bet you’re just anxious to see swatches of these babies. No worries, I won’t leave you hangin’!
3A pretty exceptional pigmentation, right? There’s definitely room for improvement in the 2 greens in the palette, but at $4.99, this palette is still more than worth it. Even with only 6 great shades still makes each eye shadow less than $1 a pop. Just in case you’re a dupe searcher like me, I have some comparable shades to show you how you can save your coins. I have each color labeled for your convenience. All eye shadows shown are MAC unless stated otherwise.


Unfortunately, MAC Chrome Yellow Eye Shadow has a bit more pigmentation than the Wet ‘n Wild yellow. I have an easy fix for this though. Grab a white base and pack that baby on top for an above par yellow. Problem solved!

I honestly swatched MAC Red Brick Eye Shadow just for kicks. The Wet ‘n Wild shade leans more coral and is super unique. You can really grab this palette for this shade alone!

So MAC Sour Lemon Eye Shadow is another failed contender. As I mentioned before, the greens aren’t all that great in this palette. I did; however, use it atop of a white base to improve it a bit, but it took a lot of effort on my end.

I’ll admit, MAC Electra Eye Shadow is way more metallic, but the silver in the palette is still pretty nonetheless. Here’s a secret: wetting this eye shadow will put you closer to your dream of having Electra. Enjoy!

MAC One-Off Eye Shadow is more metallic and also darker. Once again, it’s not really pigmented without a primer underneath, a white, sticky one to be more exact.


Make Up For Ever #75 is pretty much identical to the Wet ‘n Wild version. Yay for dupes! Definitely get the palette rather than splurging on the same higher end color.

I failed at finding a dupe for the purple. However, the color in the palette is a lot better than MAC Nocturnelle Eye Shadow as you can see.

MAC Atlantic Blue Eye Shadow is a darker version of the Wet ‘n Wild one. You could probably easily darken the latter with a darker base underneath, or get both lol. Honestly Atlantic Blue isn’t all that great since it darkens nearly simultaneously after application.

This palette is really nice to have. I am really excited to show you the next two within the next couple of weeks. Have a great day!

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outfit of the day

Dye Hard



I don’t know if I have shared this with you guys before, but European denim is the best denim. It fits in all the right places. This sounds awfully familiar…now that I remember, I shared this with y’all about 3 outfits ago, haha. This particular pair is marble wash denim, in which it’s my first time trying. I really like them. You can pair them with white, black or bold splashes of color as I did. Think of marble wash like the color black or white, going with anything!

Top: c/o Trendsgal Sweet Round Neck Lace Splicing Long Sleeve Sweatshirt For Women (available HERE)

Denim: Boohoo Evie Low Rise Super Skinny Marble Wash Jeans (sold out)

Shoes: Steve Madden via Nasty Gal (similar available HERE and HERE)

Earrings: c/o HauteMetal Cobalt Aztec Drop Earrings (available HERE)

Watch: c/o DressLink New Women Vintage Leather Strap Watches Auger Bracelet Rivet Dress Watch (available HERE)

Bracelets: eBay

My next post will be a Wet ‘n Wild palette review and swatch post with dupes, so definitely come back tomorrow ;)

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outfit of the day

Ruby Tuesday


Happy Tuesday! It’s 2 days closer to my vacation. I will be going to Atlanta for the first 2 days and ending with the last 2 in South Carolina with the bf’s family. I am so ready to be back out of town. One of the things I enjoy most in life is traveling. I would go somewhere different every single week if I had the money lol. I absolutely adore these oxblood skinny jeans from A’GACI. They fit European style, in every crevice and corner of the body! They are also really comfortable, which is an added bonus!

Vest: Zara (sold out)

Top: A’GACI Short Sleeve V Neck Tee (available HERE)

Denim: A’GACI Better Butt Hyper Twill Skinny (available HERE)

Shoes: Zara (sold out)

Watch: c/o Rosegal Stylish Digital Watch with Red LED Multi-Function Dound Dial Silicone Band (available HERE)

Necklace: eBay

Hair: c/o Glam Angels Hair Cambodian Straight (available HERE)

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