Armed & Dangerous


how to wear a camouflage dress, the beauty beau

It’s Monday…again. I feel like I say that every Monday haha! But regardless of how much I complain, it’s going to be here every week! I figured I’d share more of my camouflage obsession with this beautiful, cold shouldered camouflage dress.

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Clean & Green


how to wear a puffer vest, the beauty beau

Ever have those days where you just can’t think of anything to type? Yep, that’s me over here right now. I’m typing this on a Monday, which is my least favorite day for obvious reasons.  Continue Reading



how to wear pinstripes, the beauty beau

I’m currently typing this in struggle mode…literally. About an hour ago (it’s 7:44pm right now by the way), I finished a 5K run in the scorching heat and it was brutal. Wouldn’t have been nearly as bad had I not taken a HIIT class at 5am the same day!

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Candy Stripes


how to wear striped culottes, the beauty beau

When life gives you colorful culottes, don’t be scurrrred! Just a small snippet of advice to ya! I literally kept these in my closet for a few months since I had no idea what to wear them with. I recently did a deep cleanse of my wardrobe, reorganizing and such when I came across this pink bodysuit from Missguided.

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Patch Things Up


denim patch dress, the beauty beau

Halfway through the week! Is it bad if I count down to the weekend starting on Sundays? Hopefully one day soon it won’t be that way, God willing 🙂

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Military Cool


how to wear a camo bodysuit, candace hampton

If you thought this was the last you’ve seen me wear this much khaki in a look, think again. It’s one of my favorite fall colors. I have so many things in this beautiful, rich green that you wouldn’t believe! You’ll just have to stick around to see more of it around here 🙂

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