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Adore Me Lingerie Haul w/ Before & After Pics!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

So I know what you guys are probably thinking, 'This is about to be a whorish post...' but I can assure you it's not lol. This is a beauty and fashion blog, so I figured lingerie fits right in there (no pun). I was recently given the opportunity to review some lingerie from this subscription based company called Adore Me. They offer a one price bra and panty set for a low price of $39.95 if you're a VIP member. I say "low" because I'm used to dropping $50 to $60 on a bra alone. You also have the option to skip subscription altogether and do month to month for $49.95...still reasonable! I was a bit skeptical about the quality upon seeing the price, but was definitely mistaken upon trying them on!

This company not only offers lingerie, but sleepwear and activewear as well. I'm so thoroughly impressed with the lingerie that I'll definitely be hitting up the fitness gear next lol. For this post, I'll be showing the 2 sets I selected. The first I chose was the Charisma Push-UpIt was my favorite on the site. I love vivid blues and I have nothing in my lingerie drawer that color. I chose the thong panties to complement them.

Now when I shop for lingerie, one of the most important factors is cleavage appearance. Most of the time, I wear low cut tops or dresses. For that reason alone, I need my cleavage to stand out especially since I have smaller boobs lol. See the dramatic before and after, unretouched!
Now I'm a sucker for "space" between my boobies. I don't know what it is, but I think it's a lot sexier than mushed together boobs lol...personal preference! My boobs look at least 2 cup sizes bigger in this bra, no complaints over here ;p

The second set I chose was the Cici Push-Up. These were a close second for me because I am obsessed with lace. Let's not forget the fact that they're blue too. For this set, I selected the cheeky thong.

Not that I'm willing to physically show you, but the back of these panties are super sexy...especially when...*sips tea*

Now this bra has the tendency to bring my boobs closer together, which isn't all that bad because they don't look like a chicken breast and a thigh rubbing together.
Available bra sizes range from A to I cup. I honestly had no clue "I" existed until I was introduced to this awesome website. Not leaving out my small and large boobed ladies ;)

Bottom line, I love this site. Another plus: my boyfriend loves it too...well the lingerie part lol. The prices are super reasonable and the quality is impeccable. I will definitely be joining that VIP membership when I'm ready to add more sexy to my wardrobe. Spending $39.95 per month still beats spending nearly $60 on one bra alone. Even if you go month to month for $49.95, still an awesome idea. However, if you do decide to join Adore Me's monthly VIP membership program, they have been generous enough to let my viewers and readers have their first month for only $29.95! What a steal!!! Click here to take advantage of that promotion.

*I was not compensated. All opinions are my own. Adore Me provided items shown for review consideration.

Berry Rose

Monday, October 27, 2014

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Good afternoon beauties!

I got a lot of good feedback from my previous tutorial similar to this one, where I used deep reds. Just in case you missed out, here it is! This time, I went with pinks. Let me know if you want me to continue this series of monochromatic looks!

OOTD: Patchwork

Saturday, October 25, 2014

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What a beautiful day in Baton Rouge today. The sun is beaming, but there's no humidity. Only on rare occasions does that ever occur. I'm absorbing every drop while I still can. 

I was on a goose hunt (yeah I know right lol) for these joggers ever since I saw them on the Karma Couture Boutique Instagram page. At first, I couldn't fathom spending that much on a pair of pants like that. Consequently, I searched high and low for these on Google and found them a couple of other places that seemed downright sketchy to me. I just decided to just close my eyes and buy them, literally lol. My coworker can vouch for me when I say I have looked at these pants every day wanting to have them in my wardrobe. I was also afraid of the fit. Upon trying them on, I believe I made the right choice :)

Mint to Be

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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One of my subscribers requested a mint/seafoam green look using different shades of that color a few months back. Well, this is for you and everyone else who may be interested ;)

OOTD: Mint to Be

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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This is probably my last summer-ish post of the season. It's that time of the year here where the weather constantly changes and it can be burning up during the day and cool off a few hours later...sigh. I kind of have mixed feelings about leaving summer and joining fall. Hopefully my new fall clothes will put me in a less mellow mood. At least I don't have to give up my colors!


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