how to layer necklaces, the beauty beau

Looking at my schedule, I just realized I’m only off from 1 job 1 day this week and the rest of the week, I work both jobs. Talk about craziness. I will certainly be preparing posts other than this one for the week so the blog doesn’t suffer 🙂

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Soft Spot


how to wear a faux fur vest, the beauty beau

Almost close to time where I can say “Happy Friday” and like always, I couldn’t be happier. It allows me to fully enjoy creating new content for my blog and spend time with my family, especially since I’m off both jobs!

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Valentine’s Slay


what to wear on a valentine's date, the beauty beau

Happy Valentine’s Day…or “slay” should I say? It’s one of the most romantic days of the year and a day of self-love for all my singles. RuPaul said it best…if you don’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love anybody else?

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Lingerie My Way


how to wear lingerie in public, the beauty beau

This weekend flew by once again, but then again, when does it ever linger? Keshaun and I actually celebrated Valentine’s Day early this year by using the weekend to celebrate. A movie (Fifty Shades Darker, which was freaking amazing by the way) and 2 dinner dates.

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Plaid Situation


how to wear a longline plaid top, the beauty beau

This has been a very long and tiring week to say the least. I mean, just look at the time I’m getting this post up and the day. I was determined to squeeze in one last OOTD for the week and I just may have another for tomorrow either before or after my photoshoot!

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Ties & Lows


how to wear a laced up sweater

Currently fighting sleep as I type this, but nothing is stopping me from getting this up tonight…lol! I woke up at 4:30am to meet with a new personal trainer (old one left my gym for a new opportunity) and I must say I’m feeling the pain hours later. That can only mean good for my fitness hopefully!

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