Brown Sugar


how to wear a brown wrap dress, the beauty beau

This shoot marked the 10 year anniversary of these heels. (God, I feel old saying that.) Sadly, the strap was broken during the shoot and I haven’t quite gotten over it yet, hence the reason they’re still buried in my trunk haha.

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JCPenney Back to School ’17 + The Beauty Beau


*This is a post sponsored by JCPenney, but opinions and thoughts are my own. #JCPenney #SoWorthIt #ad


“Who’s that?” you’re probably wondering. A while back, I mentioned my stepson filling in for my photographer when I needed pics taken. Well, here’s the mystery guy! I won’t share his name since he is a minor, and I personally don’t believe in doing it anyway. I even used an alias online until I was done with college so the creeps couldn’t find me on campus, haha. I doubt I’ll even use my own kids’ names online when I have them, but we’ll see!

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Floral Fling


Blue Off the Shoulder Flutter Top, the beauty beau

I will keep this extremely short and sweet and let the look speak for itself, and also, I need to finish packing for my trip to Orlando (in which I leave in hours from now). I know I’m not the only one who packs last minute, so don’t you even try to judge me on that, haha!

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Summer Stripes


Modern Femme Dress, the beauty beau

I wore this dress to a wedding ceremony a couple of weeks back and got quite a few compliments on it! It was my intention to bring my camera with me to Mississippi, but I figured I could go a weekend without shooting so we could give all attention to Keshaun’s family, since we live more than 8 hours away.

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Shoes So Fresh


*This post was sponsored by Finish Line. All opinions are thoughts are my own. #ShoesSoFresh #WeAreMore #ad

airport outfit of the day, the beauty beau

I have been one of the crazies stalking all the releases of the Adidas NMDs for months now and have not been able to land a pair. When Finish Line reached out for collaboration, no joke, the first thing I looked for were NMDs and then selected my look around those, haha.

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Statement Sleeves


how to wear statement sleeves, the beauty beau

Since getting my step hem jeans and wearing the heck out of them, I have also been on the hunt for kick flares. Too bad I didn’t have these while I actually worked in an office, but the great thing about these is that you can wear them anywhere. They have an elastic waist and have major stretch, which isa bonus for me with my curves.

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