Golden Hour


how to style a bomber jacket

Out of the 7 outfits that my photographer and I shot this evening, this was the last. I probably should have cut it at the one previous to this one, but I had to get it in…haha.

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How To Wow Your Girl With A Valentine’s Day Proposal


How To Wow Your Girl With A Valentine's Day Proposal

Valentine’s Day is only around a month away, and it’s known as one of the biggest proposal days in the year. While red roses and finding the ring in the champagne glass or soufflé dish are classic, wouldn’t you love to wow your girlfriend with something totally unexpected?

As you plan your proposal, remember to keep your girlfriend’s personality in mind.  Some girls may love full-blown public proposals, while others may prefer something more intimate. These ideas will cover some of each.

  • Use your inner child to propose. Remember the old-school Valentine’s Day cards and the cute candy conversation hearts that used to say, “So sweet,” or “Mine?”  Place both around so she’ll know how special she is, leading up to a trail to where her real card, candy and ring is.
  • Do it earlier in the day so she won’t be expecting it. Take her out to a romantic brunch and propose after mimosas and baked French toast. Alternatively, go to your favorite park and make a day of it by going sledding and ice-skating and complete the date with a romantic picnic lunch. She won’t be expecting a ring with her hot chocolate or fried chicken so you’ll totally surprise her.
  • Propose by creating a scavenger hunt.  As the engagement ring is a symbolic icon for love, you can personalize it to match with your romantic journey. You can re-visit all your old haunts like the bar where you met, the coffee shop where you had your first date, and the park where you had your first kiss. When she comes to the final clue, have her find a picture of a ring and see you on bended knee smiling up at her.
  • Take a romantic holiday. Does she prefer romantic beaches or would she prefer the grand gesture of getting engaged at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the city of love? Choose the kind of vacation she’ll remember and cherish as she re-tells your proposal story. If you’re near a beach, go there ahead of time and write out “Marry me?” ahead of time in seashells or in the sand with a stick, and then show your girl your artistic proposal before going down on bended knee.  If you propose on the top floor of a landmark of something like the Eiffel Tower, make sure she’s okay with crowds overseeing it and the attention you’ll both get.
  • Surprise her with a ring at your jeweller.  You’ll find the best engagement rings in Toronto only at Diamonds For Less.  Meet with your jeweller before and select a few ring styles you think she’d like and take her ring shopping.  Get a feel for which is her favourite, and then surprise her with a proposal right on the spot.
  • Get your pet involved. There is nothing more adorable than a man’s best friend so consider attaching the ring to your dog’s collar. Make it a game by having the dog fetch a love note and bring it over. Your girlfriend will probably think it’s the cutest thing she’s ever seen and of course agree to marry you.

While I’d like any of these ideas on this list, and creativity is nice, she’s going to remember most that you asked her to marry you. I sincerely hope you have a romantic Valentine’s Day and she is wowed and accepts your proposal.

*This post was written in collaboration with MediaBuzzer.

Risky Business


how to wear a sweater dress when it's hot

I literally just included “how to wear a sweater dress when it’s hot” in the alt text of one of my pics. No seriously, I did lol. It is so hot right now, it’s not even funny. It was cold just a few days ago…craziness!

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Rose to the Top


how to wear an embroidered jacket

I was so excited when I heard embroidered pieces are here to stay for 2017! I’m pretty much into anything vintage anyway, so call me slightly biased if you wish! My boyfriend suggested I keep the look all black and let the embroidered denim jacket be the star.

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